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Inspired by Cornwall, made in Cornwall 

Warm Sunny Faces

Posted on March 12, 2012

I like living in a country with distinct seasons – I enjoy the changes in temperature, landscape, light, wearing different clothes, eating different food. I love the beauty of bare winter trees, long shadows, wood fires burning, the drama of a storm, the excitement a big wind whips up and the ethereal world being plunged into the mist produces.

And then, this little miracle happens each year – the warmth starts to return to the sun, the days start getting noticeably longer, the birds start singing and everything starts to bud, burst and flower! And its happening now! On Saturday I sat in one of those old flower fields near the sea which still has a scattering of its bygone daffodil crop – I felt the sun on my face and on my arms and the grey of the winter lift as Spring sang all around me. As I get older, every year this transformation seems a little more miraculous and special than the year before, bringing such joy and gratitude.

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