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Inspired by Cornwall, made in Cornwall 

Friday evening / Saturday afternoon

Posted on June 06, 2012

The relentlessly photogenic St Michael’s Mount was looking serene in the calm and warmth of Friday evening. It is so very photographed I usually resist getting my camera out unless there is something special going on with the light – which there was on Friday evening, amazing clarity and stillness, I hope you get a feel for it in this picture? My partner and I then went on to have a perfect summer evening walk near Prussia Cove, with the hedgerows in fabulous, full and fecund bloom; the evening air completely still and warm – so much so that we later ate in the garden staying out only T-shirt clad until 11pm! Such a rare experience for summers in Cornwall in recent years – you just have to make the most of it when its fleetingly there.

St Michael's Mount

And then Saturday came with the promise of the Jubilee Flotilla in Mounts Bay in the afternoon. I anticipated another beautiful day with loads of craft, both big and small, bedecked with bunting and flags, filling the Bay……. Mmmmm, expectations are dangerous things! As you can see from this photograph, it may as well have been a different season to the preceding gorgeous warm days of calm – it was now cold, grey, windy, wet and the sea very choppy – the Jubilee Flotilla consisted of a meagre 6 trawlers, one lugger (albeit the wonderful SS Ripple struggling in the wind) and the Penlee Lifeboat. It was still fun though, just not what I had imagined!

Jubilee Flotilla

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