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Inspired by Cornwall, made in Cornwall 

Searching for the spot

Posted on March 19, 2013

On Sunday we went to Porthgwarra to walk along the cliff path towards Nanjizal in search of a very specific spot – the spot where my great uncle, the Lamorna artist Charles Naper, sat to make sketches for one of his magnificent cliffscape oil paintings. This particular painting is now being exhibited for the very first time at Penlee House Gallery in Penzance in their exhibition ‘Summer in February’ which has just opened and will run until early June. This stunning exhibition shows the work of the artists who were living and working in Lamorna and Newlyn prior to the First World War at the time the novel Summer in February, and soon to be released film, depicts. If you possibly can GO AND SEE IT BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL AND HAS THE WOW FACTOR! But seriously, it really is worth the effort, it is rarely such a wonderful collection of paintings and other items by these artists can be seen. And buy the Newlyn Artists calendar too, of course! Anyway, we failed to find the exact spot on the cliffs that Uncle Charlie sketched, but I did take a few photos in lovely Spring light.X

cliffs near Nanjizal 1

Cliffs near Nanjizal 2

Yesterday I went to Launceston to do a press pass on the Evocative Cornwall Calendar which is being printed there (a ‘press pass’ has nothing to do with the media and being allowed into some celebrity event, in case you are wondering, but rather standing by a massive lithographic printing press and checking that the colours are correct prior to printing the calendar – far less glamorous!). Once those duties were completed, I had a look at the sky to see which way to head with my camera– clouds towards the moors, sunshine towards the north coast – so I headed off to Bude, where again I was so fortunate to be able to take some photos on a beautiful Spring day with lovely light. Bude is one heck of a long way from here in St Just, so it really was so very lucky to have the opportunity to go there in such good light conditions, whilst up that way anyway – its all about the light, every time. As I left Bude and headed along the coast road home, just past Widemouth Bay I came across this tumbling down hay barn and tractor lit by the late afternoon sun but with ominous rain clouds gathering force behind. Hail and heavy rain then accompanied me home!


Barn near Widemouth Bay

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