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Inspired by Cornwall, made in Cornwall 

On the Move

Posted on May 18, 2013

Not much time for taking photos at the moment as I am in the midst of moving Evocative Cornwall away from my home and to an industrial unit on the edge of St Just.

I have my lovely family house overlooking Cot Valley in St Just for sale, as it is time to down size. So I am busy sorting through 15 years of family life and keeping the place clean and tidy for viewers, as well as sorting and moving the business! Hence not much time for getting out and about with my camera at the moment.

I’m sitting here in my office with a sea view (there is a beautiful schooner passing right now), the birds are tweeting, the sun is shining and I’m thinking what a perfect family house this has been to live in for 15 years and how much my three youngsters have loved growing up both in this house and here in St Just in Penwith. They have had that now rare sort of up-bringing here, with plenty of freedom to be outside – biking, swimming, surfing, fishing – or just messing around with their friends in the nearby park or down at Cot Valley or Cape Cornwall.  When they were little they learned to ride their bikes on the traffic free road in front of the house (no traffic also means this is a wonderfully quiet spot, albeit in the midst of St Just).  Turn right out of the front gate of the house to the excellent primary and secondary schools which are just a few minutes walking distance, as are the shops, cafes library, doctors surgery and several pubs in St Just - and all the many things that keep this ‘proper’ community alive and vibrant. Turn left out of the front gate and walk across the fields and down to Cot Valley – bliss. 

My eldest son Michael has now finished at Liverpool University where he studied Creative writing and English Lit.  Here is a poem he wrote about St Just a couple of years ago:

Butcher in the Post Office

Six pubs we got, two butchers, two bakeries, a green-grocer

and a post-office. We used to have banks but they shut, doesn’t

bother most though, you can do that sort of thing at the post office. There’s a library,

a surgery, a free car park, three churches, two graveyards and a W.I. We got

two café’s and a deli that does food, or at least a cup of tea and a hair-dresser

next to that and upstairs in one of the cafés we got a little bookshop.

There are two schools, one for the little ones and one for the bigger ones

and wherever you are you can hear them play.

There are galleries everywhere and the video shop is open every evening till 9. We got

two garages but no petrol station anymore, we got a junk shop, an antique shop

and a knitting shop and a fish ‘n’ chip shop where the bigger ones go to eat lunch

during the week. Ten minutes of walking and you’re at the beach, not a sandy one

mind, that’s a drive away, but there’s a tidal pool at our beach and I know a few who learnt

to swim in it. We got a big park for the kids and a football club and a rugby club

and the best cricket club in the county and I’m told that a long time ago there was

a cinema on Cape Cornwall Road. There’s a co-op and a spar and a Chinese take-away

and a free cash machine. The other day I was in the post office posting a letter

when one of our butchers came in with his dirty apron and plasters on his fingers

and he smiled at me and said ‘a’right,’ and I smiled and nodded

and said ‘a’right’ back. When you’re standing in the square it doesn’t seem

as busy as all that, but it’s all there if you know where to look, and I reckon

we’re all pretty lucky to live here,

us St Justers.

If you know anyone who would like a 5/6 bedroom ex-mine captains granite house with separate office space, ideal for working from home, and with panoramic sea views to Longships lighthouse, the Scillies and spectacular sunsets into the sea all year round – let me know! My children have loved growing up here – St Just has an excellent primary and secondary school, a ‘proper’ community, glorious walks and superb beaches nearby, which I expect many of you know and love. It will be hard to leave this perfect family house – but with my children pretty much up and off, it is time for the next phase for me.  

It would be wonderful if another family came to live here and love it as much as we have – so please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested!

Cape Cornwall

4 bed house


inside 2

inside 3


garden room

inside 4

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