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Inspired by Cornwall, made in Cornwall 


Posted on March 13, 2014

Walking from the house down into Cot Valley and up the other side into the fields there has become something of an obsession with me in recent days.  Why?  Because these are daffodil fields – always a beautiful sight wherever they are.  But for location these fields must be up amongst the best, with their position overlooking Longships lighthouse, Lands End and the Brisons.  Being there in the Spring weather of the last few days under the blue, blue sky, surrounded by the vibrant yellow of the daffodils with the turquoise sea beyond has stopped me in my tracks, literally gasping at the beauty around me and incredulous that so short a time ago we were being battered by the gales.  It is miraculous.  My photos don’t begin to do the scene justice, but here is a taster, a couple from early this morning and the one with the wave and gate from the weekend.

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