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Inspired by Cornwall, made in Cornwall 

Chasing the Light

Posted on January 26, 2017

On the day we formally took over the business from Sarah, she presented us with a beautifully wrapped gift - a book on landscape photography entitled ‘Waiting for the Light’.  Although so far there has been no time to do anything more than flick hungrily through its pages, it has already proved itself to be another of the many pearls of wisdom Sarah has shared with us through the handover process.  Last week, on an extraordinary January day, I spent far too much time trying to get my head around the nuts and bolts of the business and set off too late in the day to try to get some photos on the north coast.  About halfway there the quality of light was extraordinary, but by the time we had parked and made our way to the headland the light had all but gone and there was nothing to do but snap hopelessly and enjoy the end of an amazing sunset with son Kai, before racing back to the car in the gathering gloom. 

Lesson learned - rather than chasing the light we need to be in place early and wait for it! Thank you, Sarah, for your amazing insights - please keep them coming ...

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