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Working with Cornish Photographers

Pen McClymont

Posted on October 12 2017

Working with Cornish Photographers

Time to make a bit of a song and dance about some of the wonderful photographers we’re working with on this year’s Evocative Cornwall calendar, I think!  Let’s hear it for the guys …

We could not have been more pleased when we came across Bob Berry’s photograph of waves at Cot Valley.  Not only was it exactly the sort of image we wanted for the cover of this, our first, calendar, but we knew Bob to have long been a friend of Evocative Cornwall and was therefore a friendly face, as it were, to kick us off.  Moody and magnificent, intimate yet majestic – nice one Bob, thank you very much.

Waves at Cot Valley by Bob Berry

Simon Cook’s snowy image of Lanyon Quoit was another great find.  Not only do Ewan and I both love a pile of old stones (quoits, carns, menhir, dolmen …) but as we all know, finding snow in Cornwall is rarer than hen’s teeth.   So hats off to Simon for not only finding some of the white stuff but for catching it in such an inspiring setting.

Snow at Lanyon Quoit by Simon Cook

We have to confess to having a bit of a soft spot for David Carvey’s image of the footpath through Polkerris Woods.  Not sufficiently Cornish, did I hear you cry?  Well, perhaps for a heartbeat this shot disorientates, but surely not for long …  Why does the wood seem to disappear into nothingness?  Because of course this is Cornwall, and that wide open space beyond is the sea, in this case St Austell Bay.  

Footpath through Polkerris Wood by David Carvey

The stillness of a woodland in spring, with the gentle swoosh of waves on a beach below, the crash of Atlantic waves against granite rocks, ancient stones on a frosted moorland – could it get any more Evocative?

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