Fatel yw an gewer?

Fatel yw an gewer?

A wise man once said "don't write a blog unless you've got something to say" and with that in mind I've held back on much of what has been going on with Evocative Cornwall - not least the start of my long-awaited Cornish lessons!  But we do have a great deal to tell you about, what with one thing and another.  The calendar season seems to be upon us, and there's an uplift in Christmas cards which can mean only one thing ... 

Delighted to work with more photographers on this year's calendar that we've not featured before - Andrew Cox, Matthew Facey, Roger Hollingsworth, Simon Maycock and Janie Smith - who all bring a slightly different take on their favourite parts of the Duchy.  Not to mention how pleased we are to include previous collaborators - Sally Adams, Nik Jewell, Ian Lean and, of course, Evocative legend Sarah Lay!  To be honest, as we try to cover all parts of Cornwall, some well-known and some less well-known spots, and a whiff of the people, tradition and culture goes into the mixing pot, the real problem is there aren't enough months in the year!

Two new Christmas card images to boot.  With kind permission of Jonathan M Pitts and the good folks at St Michael's Mount, we are delighted to have 'St Michael's Mount in Snow' (below).  I also remember a conversation some while back with a lady asking if we had anything of Portloe.  Well, we do now - 'Fishing Boats, Portloe' completes our 10 card range.  Hope you'll browse them all.

And to get back to the rather oblique title of this blog ... Well, in my Kernewek lessons we've just done session 4: The Weather.  I think I have the question "What's the weather doing?" nailed ... if only I could remember an answer ...


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