Visiting Cornwall

Places you never expect to find yourself … first a blogger, then a guest blogger, all in the space of 6 months!  I’m delighted to say that vlogging is a step too far for me, although I suppose you should never say never!

‘Places you find yourself’ is perhaps a rather tortuous link to the subject of my guest blog on Visit Cornwall’s website.  It seems to me that, human nature being what it is, there is a slightly competitive edge to finding that special favourite place, and then hugging that information to yourself.  I am certainly not immune and inclined to feel a bit ‘teasy’ when I see websites bandying about the whereabouts of favourite haunts as though signposting them to busloads of day trippers, and thereby potentially ruining the sense of place which beckons you there in the first place.  Wildly hypocritical, of course, as I am more than glad to benefit from such insights when I’m ‘abroad’ myself.

Nothing beats the feeling when you stumble across a gem of a place.  How smug we feel, and how much we long to share it with our nearest and dearest!  Isn’t that the beauty of Cornwall, really, that there is still more to explore, however much we may have seen? Going back to a favourite beach after the winter storms can reveal a landscape you barely recognise; a sunken lane in spring is a different beauty to the same lane in autumn (possibly best avoided altogether in winter …); the heights of Bodmin Moor can change in a single summer’s day from birdsong to menancing exposure with no place to hide.  So the gist of my guest blog was that it’s all about the exploration, and where better to start if you’re new to the county, or returning and looking for new inspiration, than the Visit Cornwall website.  And meantime, I won’t be sharing with you where we took a sneaky day off last week – thanks to Billy and his boat!

an almost deserted beach



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