Holiday Time

Holiday Time

I'm sure you won't have noticed the absence of our blog for several months!  To be honest, I thought enough had been said on all that Cornwall, the UK and the world has gone and continues to go through. I thought I would spare you our take on it all.  So I hope this finds you safe and well, and with things to look forward to as the year rolls on.

For Cornwall it is very much holiday season although, for obvious reasons, the Duchy is officially 'full'.  Calls are going out as I speak for people to remember their social distancing responsibilities ... very much easier for those travellers who have their own transport and get can away from the hot spots without venturing on to busy public transport.  

While we are not in quite as many high street retailers this year as last, caution being the name of the game for so many of them, our on-line sales have been bouyant and we have been glad to provide a service to many who couldn't venture out to the shops.  A raft of new products arrived just as lockdown was announced, so we were extremely grateful for those on-line sales to tide us over.  The award of Surfers Against Sewage Plastic-Free Champion Status was another little high in an otherwise rather dark time.

And so, as so many others are doing, a little respite in the form of a holiday.  Where better to holiday than Cornwall?!  A week strolling the cliff paths and dropping on to quiet beaches will be just the ticket, whatever the weather, and the camera goes too!  Hope you are able to enjoy a break this summer too. x


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