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Inspired by Cornwall, made in Cornwall 

Just add cold water ...

Posted on June 15, 2017

I’ll be honest, this is not so much a blog as an excuse to sit in the garden and look like I’m working!  June is always the silly, busy month it seems to me.  Exams, sports days, village events, an unfeasible amount of birthdays, pots to water, fruit to pick – I’m sure your list looks different but amounts to the same … an endless list of things which stop you doing what you want with your spare time (lovely as many of those things are.)

I know not everyone will share this obsession, but for a large number of us who have grown up in Cornwall, the summer really means only one thing – beach.  For ten years, I inadvertently managed not to live in Cornwall and it presented me with a problem each summer.  What do you do when the beach is not close enough, or pleasant enough, to be an option?  At one point, we found ourselves doing regular 4 hour round trips to get our weekly beach fix – crazy, not to mention spectacularly unsustainable.  For those of us who are fortunate enough to live near the coast (and enjoy it!) it is important to try to stay on the right side of being grateful and appreciative, and not veer into smug however tempting it may be.

The summer is looking busy, but some time after June I will get on with the serious business of getting into the sea as many times as possible.  There will be nothing glamorous about it, and little heroic, but it will, as it always does, make me feel alive.  We can’t quite encapsulate that feeling into the Evocative Cornwall products (if only we could!) but we will continue to try to stuff as much of the Cornwall we know and love into them as we possibly can.  Just add cold water ...

Lowtide Porthcothan





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