May Day!

Falmouth Working Boat

Fortunately, not a cry for help, more of sheer exuberance!  Although the 'season' kicked off a week or so back, there's nothing quite like getting to May Day to know we're in full festival season.  Didn't make it to Padstow this year for 'Obby 'Oss, more's the pity, but as I mentioned things have been pretty busy here ...

The 2020 calendar is in the shops, and new cards are printed and selling well.  But the products we are particularly excited about this spring are our new range of Cornish language cards.  Now, we'll be the first to admit to not being Cornish speakers - an evening class is on the to do list and hopefully sooner rather than later.  I was brought up surrounded by my grandparents and their contemporaries, very many of whom barely ever left the Duchy and yet they would have said they didn't know a word of Cornish (although frequently requiring translators when talking to visitors!).  I find the idea rather intoxicating that there's a whole chunk of heritage bubbling beneath the words we say that pops out now and again. At a picnic a while back, only those born and brought up in Cornwall weren't mystified by the use of the word 'splat', which took all of us by surprise, those who understood and those who didn't!  But if I, cousin Jenny that I am, know barely a word of Cornish, what a brilliantly inclusive experience it will be to learn the language.  I'd better not get ahead of myself, it might yet be beyond me!

Our Cornish Christmas cards have proved popular for years, so other cards featuring the Cornish language seemed an obvious extension.  And we are delighted with them.  There are 6 currently available: 2 x birthday, and one each 'Good Luck', 'Thinking of You', 'With Sympathy' and 'Thank You'.  All have the greeting in Cornish with the English translation beneath.  Click on the image below to see the full range, available individually or in multipacks, and then why not visit the Go Cornish website to sign up for a weekly Cornish phrase? 

Oll an gwella


Falmouth Working Boat, Penn-bloodh Lowen, Happy Birthday



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