Swan at Lamorran

I couldn’t resist using this picture of a swan from May last year, when I was supposed to be taking pictures of bluebells over at Lamorran.  It was determinedly stealing the show as it cruised backwards and forwards, distracting me from the task in hand. 

Swan at Lamorran

The analogy of the serenity of the swan above the water, as opposed to the furious paddling action below, is perhaps overused, but it is certainly true of the past couple of months at Evocative Cornwall.  In what we now understand to be the quieter part of our year, having worked hard to deliver stock around the county for the early visitors, we have a moment to take stock (literally and figuratively!).  New product ideas need to develop into something more physical and it has been exciting working them through.  The website, which is ready for a freshen up, will hopefully emerge butterfly-like in the very near future, and the new branding our daughter designed for us, will increasingly become apparent.  We’re very excited by it all and can’t wait to share it with you, but we’re not quite ready yet.  So, for now … it’s oh so quiet …


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