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Inspired by Cornwall, made in Cornwall 

The ones that got away ...

Posted on February 25, 2017


It has been fascinating to find that the first major job of this year is pulling together next year’s calendar!  Really interesting for us to collaborate with so many talented people, and to start getting to know the myriad of volunteers behind the many Cornish events and festival which are listed in the calendar.  More of all that in the coming weeks, but before sharing too much of next year’s Evocative Cornwall calendar with you, I thought I might post some of the images that we won’t be using, but which we thought pretty evocative anyway.

The first was a beautiful sunrise snapped from Helman Tor.  I may rather have spoiled it for 4 deer, who had the place to themselves before I arrived on the scene, but it was a joy to share such a perfect moment with them.

The second was a lovely still November evening when we thought we’d go out looking for the ‘supermoon’.  A low bank of cloud hugging the eastern horizon meant we had just about given up on it and were enjoying watching the last few boats come into harbour, when it peaked out just in time for us to snap the following image.  Time to call it a night, for photographers as well as fishermen!


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