The Quiet Time

The Quiet Time

Winter in Cornwall is a wonderful thing.  If you can catch a minute when the wind isn’t blowing your head off, the towns and villages are full of folk with rich stories and humour to share.  It’s a time for opening up a little, when the weather allows, and rediscovering each other.  For taking a bit of well-earned R&R while business allows.  The analogy that always springs to my mind is of rock pools when the tide has receded, suddenly full of life as they enjoy their quiet isolation. 

But that is only half the story, of course, as it is also the season when Cornwall gets ready for the main event - for the spring, summer, autumn and all the joyful business they will bring.  For Evocative Cornwall, that means getting new products ready, and the start of 2020 has been no exception.  Exciting new working relationships and product developments are keeping us very busy, and we’re looking forward to Easter and beyond. 

Working with Cornwall-based photographers to bring images to the calendar which really capture the essence of the Duchy in all seasons is an inspiration to us.  These talented artists work all hours in often very challenging conditions to capture those fleeting moments of beauty which add up to the place that we love.  Sometimes they are the cataclysmic weather events overtaking iconic landmarks for which Cornwall is famous and at others they are the quiet moments of day-to-day life that often pass unnoticed, but to us they seem of equal importance and we want to capture both elements in the calendar.  People often approach us with photographs, which can be very helpful, and we spend a lot of time ourselves finding the elements we need and trying to get away from the photography ‘hotspots’!  And at this time of year, we could not be more grateful to the amazing festival and event organisers who we are pestering for dates in 12 to 18 months’ time! 

The calendar is a communal labour of love - watch this space for the 2021 edition which is out soon! We hope you’ll enjoy it.


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