Tis the season … of the Christmas Fair!

Pebble Nativity

Standing behind my stall in mid November, I indicated to a lady browsing our greetings cards that we also sell Christmas cards.  I paraphrase, but she said something along the lines of “Don’t mention the C word” and I knew we were kindred spirits! Over the years, my family have learnt better than to discuss with me anything to do with Christmas, other than that which is strictly necessary, before 1 December.  After that, the gloves are off and they can go for it, but during November I’m still revelling in autumn, thank you very much!

Now that we are in retailing, I've had to embrace the concept of Christmas year-round.  We got serious about Christmas, a little too late it would appear, in June, and December this year will be back-to-back Christmas markets and fairs. Our own Christmas cards were written in November (now there’s a first!) and I’ve warned everyone that our shopping, decorating, cooking will take place in one week flat, right on top of Christmas – exciting or chaos, we shall see!  

We hope to continue to expand the mail order card business throughout the year and to glory in all the Cornish seasons we are blessed with.  But for now, remembering all the good things this time of year brings, may I unashamedly wish you a very happy Christmas – Nadelek Lowen!

Pebble Nativity


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