Visiting Cornwall this summer? How to be the perfect guest!

How to enjoy the perfect trip to Cornwall

Cornwall welcomes visitors throughout the year with open arms.  Here are our (slightly tongue-in-cheek) tips for being the perfect guest who's welcome back year after year!

  • Practice patience  Some would say it's a 'dreckly' frame of mind, we'd say it's pure logistics.  Getting from A to B, or Altarnum to Zennor, in the height of the summer can take longer than you might imagine and that can affect all sorts of things.  Enjoy the views, smell the sea air, remember you're on holiday!
  • Embrace respect   Imagine everyone you met already knew you.  Growing up in Cornwall, there's a strong possibility that the person you think you are meeting for the first time knows who you are, and what you've been up to.  Imagining that the person in front of you is a distant cousin will give you an inkling of what that's like!
  • Beware hidden dangers  Cornish kids are brought up to respect the sea, the cliffs, the mineshafts, etc - we've been told stories of rip currents since we first ate sand on the beach.  Taking advice on where to swim and where to explore is just common sense, and will help you make the most of your time down here.
  • Looking after each other  We love being surrounded by sea, and we even adore being 'so far from anywhere', but that means resources are limited.  One A&E Department, excellent care but finite number of hospital beds - it's important to make sure that they're there for the people who really need them and we can all pull together on that with a healthy dollop of forward planning and common sense.  Please take care!
  • Reach for your rubbish  Beautiful places don't stay that way long if they're strewn with yesterday's debris and today's scavengers.  Leaving rubbish on the beach gets a lot of people teasy, does a lot of damage to the environment, and it's so easy to avoid - pop it in a bag, take it back to a bin (preferably find one that's not already overflowing) and feel good about yourself.  
  • Soak it up - the scenery, the food & drink, the culture, art and overall experience.  Best place in the world (we're slightly biased there) and pleased for visitors to come back year after year ... irresistible!

And of course Evocative Cornwall provides the perfect reminder of your holiday to take home.  Our calendar is available in selected stockists around the county or nip over and order it on-line here.


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