The best Cornish calendar?

The best possible Cornish calendar?

Back cover and contents of Evocative Cornwall's Cornish Landscape Calendar 2023

Or rather, how we strive to achieve just that!

  1. Photography v art work.  Don't get me wrong, I do love a bit of art.  Prints in all shapes and sizes, on all sorts of products, work wonderfully well.  Wrapping paper, wallpaper, curtains, cushions, mugs, tea shirts, tea towels even, are all made so much more special with beautifully created art work.  But when you're celebrating a special place for the very reason that it is sooo beautiful, why would you not use images which show the real deal?  For the best possible Cornish calendar, photographs win, hands down.
  2. The best photographers. But whose images do you use?  There are so many photographers whose work we admire, it would be impossible to pick a favourite.  But actually, why would you want to?  Styles are so diverse, and most photographers have an area that they know like the back of their hand in order to get the best possible takes on its moods and weather.  We are delighted to work with some trusted colleagues on the calendar, but also always keen to find different perspectives.  There's so much talent out there.
  3. Brilliant images.  The perfect shot for a Cornish calendar is a dreamy sunset over the sea.  Except we know for some people it's a dramatic sky and waves crashing into the cliffs.  Although not for the people who love to see their favourite childhood haunts / perfect holiday destination / somewhere they've never seen before.  For every person who says they only want pictures 'Down West', someone else will ask for images of Tintagel or Bude or Boscastle.  Too many wonderful views, too many wonderful places.  Luckily we can use new images every year!
  4. Made in Cornwall. Apparently, it's so easy to produce a Cornish calendar, that you don't even need to be based in Cornwall!  A few stock images, a standard format for the calendar, printed anywhere in the world as cheaply as possible, and Bob's your uncle.  But to make the best possible Cornish calendar takes much more time and care - liaising with photographers to find images right around the Duchy, adding local events (we do this ourselves every year by talking to the organisers), printing locally to support local industries ...  We are proud to hold Made in Cornwall accreditation.  All our photographers are based in Cornwall and 10% of profit made each year is shared with Cornish charities.  A product that makes a quick buck, or a lovingly crafted production that is embedded in its community.  That means a lot to us, and to our customers (we know - they tell us).  By the way, if you have an event you'd like us to include, please share it with us.
  5. Local knowledge.  Not that we're saying we know everything about Cornwall.  In fact, I would go as far to say that the more you think you know about Cornwall, the more you find out there still is to learn.  But we know what makes it tick, how it's people roll, what it feels like to be away and wanting to be back ...  It's not that it's better than anywhere else - who could possibly judge that? - but it is so very, very loved.  So, our Cornish calendar absolutely need some Cornish language, a dash of culture, bit of history, a smidge of lifestyle and you can't get far without the tide times.  
  6. Environmentally responsible.  Our printers work to best industry guidelines and care about their impact on the wider world, as do we.  We would happily not wrap our calendars at all, but do use biodegradable wrappers which many of our retailers and customers prefer.  If you would like to order a calendar without this wrapping, just state your preference at checkout.  One day, wrapping products at all will be a thing of the past!
  7. Our customers.  We're not producing calendars for people we don't know.  I mean, that often happens to be the case, but so many of our customers come back year after year, that we feel very strongly about trying to give them the best possible product we can.  We take on board all feedback, and try to reflect that as we go forwards within a subtly evolving framework.  You can't please all of the people all of the time, and I am our harshest critic, but we want to keep trying until one year we really nail it!

We could go on, but you get the gist.  We probably spend too much time thinking about calendars.  Other calendars are available, as they say.  If we ever manage to make 'the best possible Cornish calendar' we'll let you know.  For now, we'll continue to strive for perfection.  


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