Inspired by Cornwall, Made in Cornwall

Sunset Surfers


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Photograph by Sarah Lay:

"Not long before sunset, one warm and still early autumn evening, I came across these four preparing to surf. I love the long shadows stretching across the glistening, golden sand and how the four are together, yet each seems individually absorbed in his own preparation and thoughts. I love the footsteps and the pools too. For me, this photograph particularly, creates a longing, a yearning for that perfect golden beach day."



Image from Evocative Cornwall greetings card, © Kevredna Limited

Unmounted and ready to frame, all prints have a satin finish suitable for mounting or straight to frame.  There are two standard sizes, chosen to fit readily available frame sizes:

12" x 12" - to fit a 12"x12" frame unmounted, or 14"x14"/16"x16" with a mount

16" x 16" - to fit a 16"x16" frame unmounted, or 18"x18"/20"x20" with a mount

Prints are dispatched in cardboard tubes to arrive in pristine condition.