Plastic-Free Packaging

We all want to stop single-use plastic, so from 2019 we amended our postage and packaging policy to reflect that, and in 2020 we have been able to go a step further again!  Of course, it is never quite that simple trying to do the right thing, but for now we will:

  • supply our blank greetings cards with no plastic packaging at all
New from Easter 2020 our blank greetings cards are now all individually prepared with an envelope inserted and closed with an easy-peel, biodegradable label.  Multi-buy discount will still apply for orders for 5 cards or more.


  • supply our calendars, Cornish Language and Christmas cards in biodegradable wrappers
We've actually been selling our calendar in a biodegradable wrapper for several years already.  The products we are using are made from PLA (Polylactic acid), derived from corn-starch. It fully biodegrades down into water, CO2 and biomass in 60 days under Industrial Composting conditions (58 degrees C) or incineration, or can also be put in some (non-dry) land-fills. So it can go in appropriate kerbside recycling, although it may still be identified as plastic and picked out.  Unfortunately home composting may not reach the correct temperature and humidity, or the necessary microbes and bacteria may not be present.  We will keep an eye on this and post more information as we get it.  Certified  OK Biobased ****


  • replace bubble-wrap lined parcel envelopes with shredded paper products
Again, we've been moving towards this with cardboard envelopes for small calendar orders.  We are now using a range of plastic-free envelopes - which of course are odd sizes, more expensive and heavier to send (so more expensive in more ways than one!).  This raises other sustainability issues, but we are dealing with them one at a time!  Don't worry about the rise in costs - we're not putting up prices.


  • pack customer orders without wrappers if requested to do so
We would love to supply all our products without any wrappers, but in a paper or cardboard envelope there will be nothing to protect them from the elements but the postman!  The envelopes are of varying thickness but good quality and we wrap the cards in paper as well, so without PLA wrappers they should still get to you in perfect condition.  We cannot guarantee this however so, regretfully, if you chose this option then we cannot refund or replace damaged items.  If you would like to place an order without PLA wrappers, please let us know in the 'special instructions' box at checkout.


  • continue to look for innovative ways of marketing our products

Last year we introduced 'A Year in Cornwall' - 12 pre-packed cards with envelopes in a cardboard sleeve.  No plastic in sight!  This has to be the way to go, we think, and we will continue to keep innovating and adding value to our product range.

A Year in Cornwall