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Evocative Cornwall

Evocative Cornwall Christmas card - Fishing Boats, Portloe

Evocative Cornwall Christmas card - Fishing Boats, Portloe

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No 9 in our range of Evocative Cornwall Christmas cards.  Portloe's two fishing boats, safe on the slipway as snow begins to fall.  

Snow was forecast on this particular day, although in Cornwall you believe it when you see it!  But pottering around Portloe, suddenly the biggest, fluffiest flakes began to fall.  A snowy blanket swiftly gathered around the tiny harbour.  In the gloom, the two fishing boats really stood out as a bit of colour, particularly friendly and companionable - perfect for an Evocative Cornwall Christmas card image.

These cards contain the greeting:        

Nadelik Lowen
Happy Christmas

  • pack of 5 cards of one design, with envelopes
  • 145 x 145mm
  • plastic-free, cards secured with a thin card band

Our quality Christmas cards come in a pack of 5 cards of the same design, perfect to send to those special people.  Having removed the plastic from our packaging, we wrap our packs of Christmas cards with a white cardboard 'bellyband'.  In 2017, we took the decision to move from specifically supporting local charities through Christmas card sales to sharing 10% from our annual sales across all product lines.

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